Quercus Training

Courses - Training for the Workplace

Below is a list of courses with typical content. We can modify these courses or design new ones to suit your needs.

To allow time for individual help and discussion our class sizes are normally 10-12 people per tutor, though we can also run sessions for larger groups. We normally come to your premises but we can organise an off-site venue if you prefer.

Personal effectiveness (1 day):

Become more effective at work, and in your relationships with colleagues and management. Includes:

Personal impact (1 day):

How to get noticed for all the right reasons. How to create presence, communicate effectively, influence and networking. Includes:

Effective line management (1 day):

Whether you’re new to managing staff or just want to brush up your skills, this course will help you become a better manager. Includes:

Effective leadership (1 day):

You’re a good manager but now you want to lead your team. Includes:

Project management (1 day):

New to project management or project support? This is an essential skill for many staff and the courses teaches basic tools and techniques to use every day and increase your effectiveness. Includes:

Change management (1 day):

For people dealing with change at work or responsible for managing others through change. Learn how to manage yourself and others through the change in a positive and supportive way, including:

Procurement & contract management (1 day):

Have you been asked to run a procurement process or manage a supplier? This course introduces the process of procuring goods and services, and once a winning bidder is selected, shows how you can manage the contractor in an effective way. Includes:

Team building:

This course will be tailored to the individual team, through discussion with the client. Generally covers elements of: