Quercus Training

About Quercus

Quercus Training was established in 2010 and provides professional skills training to technical specialists, such as researchers in universities and other organisations, and specialist teams such as project managers, engineers, finance, HR and others. The company was created by Dr Helen Goulding, to develop trainees' soft skills and make them more effective in the workplace.

Helen has a degree in earth sciences from Oxford University and a PhD in Oceanography from the University of Southampton. She joined the Civil Service (UK Government) in 1997 to run biotechnology innovation and transfer programmes, helping universities bring research developments to market.

She then worked for the Office of Science and Technology’s Public Understanding of Science Unit, and later the Wellcome Trust, running the Bioethics and Medicine in Society grant programmes. In 2001 Helen joined the Audit Commission where she published best practice guides for local government and held management roles in knowledge, policy, HR and operations. Following a secondment back to Government to lead the programme office for an innovative research and development unit, she led the programme office at the Office for the Gas and Electricity Markets for a year, before leaving to run Quercus Training full time.

Helen has been providing training, coaching and mentoring in the workplace and to Universities since 2000. She focuses on making her courses fun, interactive and practically useful.

Helen often delivers training courses herself, with support from other trainers for larger groups. All Quercus' trainers have recent, relevant experience of the topic they are teaching and are hand picked by Helen to meet client needs.